In the 1960’s the city of Dundee underwent many dramatic changes.  An area on the edge of the city centre, known as the Hawkhill, was demolished in order to allow for the expansion of the University of Dundee. New housing schemes were built in the north of the city to cater for those who had lost their homes. Chalmers church, which had been part of the Hawkhill community for generations, was demolished and the congregation invited to transport themselves to one of the new housing schemes- Ardler. Many took up the invitation and so Chalmers-Ardler Church was constituted.

In the 1990’s, a new episode of urban regeneration took place and the scheme of Ardler was completely demolished and rebuilt. Instead of 6 multi story blocks and hundreds of flats, new houses were built. The congregation at Chalmers-Ardler also decided to refurbish their building to make it more suitable to Christian living and worship. Pews were removed and replaced with new comfortable seats; the chancel was extended to accommodate a growing praise band; data projectors were installed to allow for multimedia presentations. All these changes have been welcomed by the congregation – people feel comfortable; people can see everything and there is a sense of a refurbished building accommodating a congregation that continues to be renewed and changed by God.

The congregation has always had a concern for its parish which embraces Ardler and part of St.Mary’s. Over the years various events and programmes have been run –some of these were designed to build up people’s faith and discipleship; others were viewed as an opportunity to invite people along so they could consider the claims of Jesus for themselves.