Alpha logoAlpha 2017

Is there more to life than this?

Remember the Bear Grylls poster outside Chalmers Ardler church last year?  It advertised ‘Alpha’, a series of meetings to think about life  – what’s the point of it and what are we doing here?

Our next ‘Alpha’ begins with a ‘Taster Evening’ on Thursday 7 September at 7pm.   If you’re interested in being with others to think about life then come along on the 7th, have a meal and hear more about the course before deciding if you’d like to come to the rest of it.  We will end by 8.30pm.

On the other evenings, from Thursday 14 September, it’s a snack then short film plus chat and is from 7-8.30pm.  Nobody has to speak if they don’t want to and if you start but then it’s not for you, nobody will pester you to come back!

The atmosphere is one of acceptance and friendship and is free of charge.

Checkout alpha film series//teaser

For more information or to put your name down for the ‘Taster Evening’, please phone or text Louise on 07596 176938  or email her at

For a ‘taster’ of what Alpha is like, take a look at our short video clip.