Family Project

Do you suffer from headaches, are you of a nervous disposition? If the answer to these questions is yes, then please don’t visit the family project! We run every morning, Monday to Friday.  The church hall is buzzing with babies and toddlers playing with a wide array of toys and games, sharing or not as often is the case, bikes and buggies. Mums, grans, dads and carers hover close by trying to sneak a quick cuppa while looking after their children. When the phrase ‘snack time’ is shouted around ten thirty, stand back from the door or you may be trampled underfoot.  The children take their seats at their custom-built tables that also double for craft sessions, the younger children sitting aloft in their high chairs.  Sometimes a pot of soup has been made for the mums, a very welcome addition on these cold mornings. After snack another stampede into the back room, another shout of ‘No food to be taken in’! and we all settle down for singing and story time with the help of some friendly little puppets. Mums begin to drift off after this, perhaps collecting older children from school and our morning is over. Friendships have been made between the adults, and the children have let of some steam in a safe environment. We average around 30 children plus adults every morning and a warm happy atmosphere usually pervades the project – but be warned don’t pop in if you don’t have a strong constitution!