Sunday Morning

There will be people at the door to welcome you and to show you into the vestibule area. Others will welcome you into the sanctuary and offer you a weekly information sheet. Information is also projected prior to the service. We stand and sing song as the Bible is brought in. A word of welcome is given and then we will sing again. We believe that the Bible is a living Word that can speak to all of us. Someone from the congregation will read a passage- people may bring their own Bible’s but the words are always projected.

We have a free will offering which means we invite those who wish to give a gift of money- this one way that we can express our thankfulness to God and we hope that the money will be used to help spread the good news of Jesus throughout the world.

God loves us and cares for us and He wants us to have that same care and concern of others. We hope that is expressed in our prayers for others which will be led by a member of the congregation.

Praise is important and se we usually have a couple of praise items before someone will lead us in prayers for healing. Individuals have asked that they be remembered and prayed for and so people are named before God. Only those who have asked and given their permission will have their names read out.

The next part of our service is the sermon. Just before the sermon, the Bible class go out for their own gathering- they will come back in after the sermon. We believe, and it is our experience that God makes His word live where people are open and willing to be spoken to. The sermon will usually have some images or words projected onto the wall – this can help in our understanding.

After the sermon there will be a hymn that hopefully allows us to make a response to the sermon. During the hymn, our young people come into the sanctuary. Kings Kids caters for all in primary school and they meet at 11am; the Bible class covers secondary 1 to 4. Our final part of our service involves the young people speaking about their week and what they have been doing in their own groups. We believe that we are called to learn together and this is an important part of our church community life.

After the service, people can go home or stay for tea and coffee. Some people will also go to the quiet room where they will talk or have a time of prayer.

There are other things that happen in our services depending on the week. On the third Sunday of every month, we have an all age celebration. Everyone stays together and instead of one sermon, we may have three short talks or activities. On the 4th Sunday of the month, we have a world mission slot- this varies but we want to learn about the church in different parts of the world.